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With so many features and the ability to handle thousands of rows of data using grids forms and a combination of other features offers a brilliant way of administering a web site; with extremely easy customisations meaning project timeline is usually very quick.


WordPress, Joomla, Sitefinity are all redundant with our own administration systems used to create custom solutions without limitations.
Web Develoment is done on an hourly basis and should your site require specialised features not available to other Web sites already costing is done by the hour, pre-arranged.


With a usual reoslution period of 24 hours and live support available 2am - 6am and 10am - 9pm (Europe/London) Youds Media has a number of contacs that can be queried should a support ticket need to be raised a.s.a.p. For an example on costings see the Planetarion MVP Infomercial including hosting solutions.
Map of the United Kingdom with Youds Media location highlightedYouds Media is an independent web design and development company with over 10 years experience coding PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL in administration systems; from scratch! Deploying projects with the system Youds Media is currently restricted to developer time to develop and deploy the application for two real world applications; any pre-orders for more custom solutions are welcome on an ad-hoc basis. Call 01200 422 533 for more information.

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Coming soon to Youds Media's portfolio will be, an innovative email marketing solution for all business types.

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Please call 01200 422 533

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