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Services available to the public either being authored or in full operation.


Youds Media Ltd started life as a Web Design and Development company and was extremely successful for a number of years. As time has gone by the missed opportunities for supply of hosting, gaming, web authoring and email delivery has resulted in a number of guises which Youds Media Ltd operates under.
Paid on a monthly basis consultancy services are generally speaking restricted to being IT related. Our speciality is to produce best in industry web design services and management of several other service provisions. Some of these provisions have help and support for reasonable fees however with Web Design and Development especially where Web Applications are concerned fees can dramatically increase.
A brand is a business identity and is specific to the company for which the brand is created.
Hosting services relate to the service provision of Web Site services, VPS services and Gaming Servers.
A contract is a verbal or written agreement between two people which is bounded by law.
A library is a toolset which a developer would use in order to further there project potential.
An application is a piece of software which either runs on the Web or on your PC, Mac or Mobile Device.
Authoring, notably Web Authoring, is the process by which a customer can employ the services of a Web Developer or try their best to use a Web Authoring tool in order to create a web site copy for themselves.

Service Provision

Here are some of the service provisions we offer to the public, available via varying locations on the web.

Create Web Site Design

For absolutely no charge what so ever you can create a beautiful web site with clear formatting and responsive design. Shape your browser to the size of a mobile device and it works exactly how you would expect it to do! Not only that but the feature set of the drag drop editor is so advanced you can use AdSense, Social Media, YouTube, Maps and even eCommerce. If you're looking to turn your hand to some WYSIWYG web design you found your calling!

Create Web Site Design Logo

Ban The Bots

Firstly, imagine we are one of these bots. They visit a page and click links adhoc then move onto to the next site. Now, imagine a blackhole. This would be a random URL visible only in the website code. On the website, it is not seen anywhere. So who would visit it? Bots not listening to robots.txt of course! Upon visiting the blackhole URL, they are banned from there on in.

Ban The Bots Logo