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An overview of Youds Media Limited and its service provision of website hosting, web authoring tools and web design consultancy.


Design is a primary focus on the orientation of your project. Second to none best in industry is something we guarantee and take pleasure in creating. Elements of design include logo, layout of website in all browsers and some neat imagery to make it look all it can be. We love content for design inspiration so please do your best to scour your archives for literally anything you have been associated to during the business lifetime. Don't expect exact copies but do expect something that relates to your inspirational design elements.
Provision is a service offering that provides a complete solution for customer needs. For instance, if you are looking for a gaming server your first port of call would be a gaming server supplier and this would constitute a provision of service. Youds Media Ltd operates under many differing brands in order to maximise its appeal to each selected industry. See Service Provision page for more information.
Youds Media Ltd started life as a Website Design and Development company and was extremely successful for a number of years. As time has gone by the missed opportunities for supply of hosting, gaming, web authoring and email delivery has resulted in a number of guises which Youds Media Ltd operates under.
Paid on a monthly basis consultancy services are generally speaking restricted to being IT related. Our speciality is to produce best in industry web design services and management of several other service provisions. Some of these provisions have help and support for reasonable fees however with Website Design and Development especially where Web Applications are concerned fees can dramatically increase.
HTML is a web authoring language which can produce Websites.
CSS is a web authoring language which can produce Websites when used with HTML
JavaScript is a web authoring language which can produce Website functionality used in conjunction with HTML and CSS.
Provides the technology to make Website features work, called when required PHP code can calculate and deliver content in a more user friendly manor.
MySQL is a web authoring language which can produce Websites Databases.
SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimisation and loosely means that all available elements of a web page have been utilised inline with the overall business brand. Technically speaking however there are many other methods of engaging search engines including the provision of copy text from the Website owner of good value so that the Website appeal is increased.
A brand is a business identity and is specific to the company for which the brand is created.
A contract is a verbal or written agreement between two people which is bounded by law.

Web Design Consultancy

Best In Industry Solutions

Have you ever wondered how the giants of the web get to where they are without blinking an eye lid? Well put quite simply you get what you pay for, a contract of £100/mo will certainly change the market environment for a new industry as your service would go over and above that of its competitors, introducing a threat to their own business models.

However, even small to medium sized enterprises with employee counts of up to 100 can add a zero to their monthly overheads and pay £1000/mo and easily out perform the competition without blinking an eye lid.

Basically what is happening here is the feature set of the site is being constantly monitored, improved upon and additions to the available services made based on customer feedback. The customer is always right especially when it can write a specification of what it needs to gain from your online presence!

Customer screenshot of Web Site Created by Youds Media Ltd Customer screenshot of Web Site Created by Youds Media Ltd Customer screenshot of Web Site Created by Youds Media Ltd Web App Library provided by Web Authoring Tools Web App Library provided by Web Authoring Tools Web App Library provided by Web Authoring Tools

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So that's how that works, but where does that leave you? Well, if you are a 5 - 10 man operation you won't appreciate a £1'000 a month outlay but for consideration of the fact that you are essentially getting a part time employee in addition to your work force goes a long way to ensuring your viability on the web will be tailored regularly until revenue streams are maximised. Even then, to keep customers interested new additions and tampering with configurations plus introducing new features based on customer requests goes a long way to making sure you are one of the market leaders in your field for web site provision.

So what's on offer here? For a £250 outlay and £100 a quarter, semi-annual or year you can have your website tailor made. For £1000 outlay with a £100 a month maintenance service you can have a constantly updated feature set along with a more extensible website built with having features such as API's, customised external integrations with your product, using our custom framework.

So get in touch, call 0100 422 533 and begin your journey today.