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An overview of what consultancy means to Youds Media Limited plus an insight into the steps needed to complete your project.


Design is a primary focus on the orientation of your project. Second to none best in industry is something we guarantee and take pleasure in creating. Elements of design include logo, layout of website in all browsers and some neat imagery to make it look all it can be. We love content for design inspiration so please do your best to scour your archives for literally anything you have been associated to during the business lifetime. Don't expect exact copies but do expect something that relates to your inspirational design elements.
Youds Media Ltd started life as a Website Design and Development company and was extremely successful for a number of years. As time has gone by the missed opportunities for supply of hosting, gaming, web authoring and email delivery has resulted in a number of guises which Youds Media Ltd operates under.
Paid on a monthly basis consultancy services are generally speaking restricted to being IT related. Our speciality is to produce best in industry web design services and management of several other service provisions. Some of these provisions have help and support for reasonable fees however with Website Design and Development especially where Web Applications are concerned fees can dramatically increase.
HTML is a web authoring language which can produce Websites.
CSS is a web authoring language which can produce Websites when used with HTML
JavaScript is a web authoring language which can produce Website functionality used in conjunction with HTML and CSS.
Provides the technology to make Website features work, called when required PHP code can calculate and deliver content in a more user friendly manor.
MySQL is a web authoring language which can produce Websites Databases.
SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimisation and loosely means that all available elements of a web page have been utilised inline with the overall business brand. Technically speaking however there are many other methods of engaging search engines including the provision of copy text from the Website owner of good value so that the Website appeal is increased.
A contract is a verbal or written agreement between two people which is bounded by law.

Web Design Consultancy

Best In Industry Solutions

Have you ever wondered how the giants of the web get to where they are without blinking an eye lid? For a reasonable budget you can achieve results in your industry and monitize your digital assets.

Small to medium sized enterprises with employee counts of 10, 20 or 50 employees can out perform big industry leading websites that you'd of thought would win hands down.

Your Questions Answered

A good website design agency shouldn’t leave it to you to ask all the questions. This checklist is the questions you should be asking that you don’t yet know are important. Trust us, they are.

What is the process of building your website?

The stages we follow as a general rule of thumb

Knowing the process helps if you have a vision that needs input into it at the right junctures. So here are the 10 stages we work towards in every project. For larger projects, this is a must-read - and as such will be explained before anything gets done.


Offload everything that you want and know and then go back and forth with suggestions and recommendations.

System Design

The result of the brainstorming session, a system design is essentially a process of identifying the pieces of a puzzle you want to feature in your end product.


Now we know what your website will encompass, we must decipher the layout and functional elements of the web pages.

Content Curation

Now the specification is over, it’s time to implement what we have into a design. The engine begins to take shape.

Design Approval

This is essentially where you can request changes before development actually takes place.


The time has come! Your website design is approved and the functionality described and demonstrated must be put into action.


Usually for a grace period of a month, you can test the system and ensure everything is in order.


Your website goes live! Time to get some valuable feedback on your efforts!

Press Release

A press release is done when your website goes live to give your SEO some credibility.


If you have no direct traffic from people who already have your web address then you may want to advertise.

What research do you carry out?

How we try to understand your industry

Competitor websites are the main source of information but also research from the broader industry can be beneficial also, especially if you are a trail blazer developing a seriously well designed and epic website. Knowing what works in the context of real world is invaluable as it can be replicated and amplified by optimised via high-converting content.

Are small or large websites the norm?

What is possible and what could potentially work for you

For us, we go from one page websites right up to multi-national projects. You will usually have a key website which deals with the majority of customers however smaller, more specific websites providing super-quick funnels are quite common for converting customers from those niches you simply can’t put on the home page due to space or design considerations.

Platform agnostic?

Can we work with custom development-environment requirements

The world is your oyster. If you want to use WordPress with WooCommerce and LiveCanvas then it of course is down to your own personal choice. If you don’t have a preference (phew!) then a platform (usually our own) is chosen for you.

Do you understand my business?

Ascertaining key objectives often helps

We do! Or at least, we will try to understand how you operate - for the purpose of the website. The usual clientele is entrepreneurs, tradespeople and small to medium sized businesses up to or around 50-150 people.

How to identify my brand?

The key parts of your business should follow a theme

If you have a logo: that is your brand. From that, business cards, letterheads and compliment slips can be drawn up. What better way to release your new website than with custom-designed stationary! If you already have a fairly solid brand the best thing to have is examples of the designs look and feel.

Design vs. Conversions

Generate sales with your website

High converting content is absolutely essential. Very well designed and extremely attractive high converting content is even better! So yes, nothing is impossible and design should not hold back from the customer having the very best experience while also dropping some money on your website.

Did you say Conversion Analytics?

Keeping track of your success is helpful

Knowing what is working will help identify what to spend time on. Writing 30 blog posts about a topic that isn’t converting might attract 2-3% of your visitors but usually your time will be better spent on those areas of website what are catching peoples interest. All of this information will be available to you and is part of the process. Usually this is an additional service and can roughly be costed at 10% of the project spend per year.

Tell me more about your UX.

Bespoke elements that are built specifically for your needs

UX is simply the process the user takes navigating your user interface. A collaborative number of interfaces is often called a funnel. All content made is open to custom UX design and development work. Each UX can usually take a week or two and is costed per customisation, as seen on our Pricing page.

Do you produce apps?

Mobile or tablet integration

Yes. If you want your product to be a mobile (or tablet) app this is quite common.

Are design trends upheld?

Will your website be in keeping with modern websites

Yes! Keeping in line with certain trends such as having a light and dark interface really helps a user feel at home. Maintenance to keep things up-to-date is often the best practice here.

SEO: I need results - and fast!

The importance of Search Engine Optimisation

Phew! Because we have ample time and energy to talk to you about this. A training consultation is given during the brainstorming phase so that SEO principles and concepts can be applied throughout the project in the most optimum way.

Post-launch: is this the end?

What happens after the website is launched

By no means, no. Continuous SEO optimisation and design revisions plus of course security fixes (always a primary consideration) are responsibilities all website owners must accept. There are other additional services that can be taken advantage of too; Email Marketing, Google Adwords Management and Google Analytics Reporting.

Legality: who owns what.

Your asset is exactly that

Essentially you own everything. You are not given the right to resell but you will get your website in its entirety on a dongle. This is just good practice because after all, you have paid for the website in good faith so you should receive the final source code on disk.

What proof-of-service can be offered?

How the website gets specified

Getting a quotation is completely free of charge and will be based on your business requirements. It will contain details specific to your requirements and will outline the technical factors of implementation also. Youds Media Limited has worked on client websites with tens of thousand total spend. If you want it badly enough, we can work out a solution together.

Long-serving happy clients?

Are our credentials highly regarded

All our customers have commented that their website has had results of some kind and the larger projects do confirm their money has been made back. That’s not just a gut feeling, that’s direct feedback from customers.

Will my accountant like you?

On-going costs and assets

Of course! You will have a website (a tangible asset!) although it has to be noted that keeping the website online and up-to-date requires continual development, optimisation and reporting which is something we do for clients. The usual guide-price amount per year on maintenance should be around 10% of the total project spend. See Pricing for more information.

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