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An overview of Youds Media Limited and its service provision of website hosting, web authoring tools and web design consultancy.


Design is a primary focus on the orientation of your project. Second to none best in industry is something we guarantee and take pleasure in creating. Elements of design include logo, layout of website in all browsers and some neat imagery to make it look all it can be. We love content for design inspiration so please do your best to scour your archives for literally anything you have been associated to during the business lifetime. Don't expect exact copies but do expect something that relates to your inspirational design elements.
Provision is a service offering that provides a complete solution for customer needs. For instance, if you are looking for a gaming server your first port of call would be a gaming server supplier and this would constitute a provision of service. Youds Media Ltd operates under many differing brands in order to maximise its appeal to each selected industry. See Service Provision page for more information.
Youds Media Ltd started life as a Website Design and Development company and was extremely successful for a number of years. As time has gone by the missed opportunities for supply of hosting, gaming, web authoring and email delivery has resulted in a number of guises which Youds Media Ltd operates under.
Paid on a monthly basis consultancy services are generally speaking restricted to being IT related. Our speciality is to produce best in industry web design services and management of several other service provisions. Some of these provisions have help and support for reasonable fees however with Website Design and Development especially where Web Applications are concerned fees can dramatically increase.
HTML is a web authoring language which can produce Websites.
CSS is a web authoring language which can produce Websites when used with HTML
JavaScript is a web authoring language which can produce Website functionality used in conjunction with HTML and CSS.
Provides the technology to make Website features work, called when required PHP code can calculate and deliver content in a more user friendly manor.
MySQL is a web authoring language which can produce Websites Databases.
SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimisation and loosely means that all available elements of a web page have been utilised inline with the overall business brand. Technically speaking however there are many other methods of engaging search engines including the provision of copy text from the Website owner of good value so that the Website appeal is increased.
A brand is a business identity and is specific to the company for which the brand is created.
A contract is a verbal or written agreement between two people which is bounded by law.


Youds Media Ltd has been in operation for over 10 years and has some interesting conceptual projects that are key to making a milestone in the companies history. Please take a look below at announcements we feel are important to our business timeline.

Youds Media Limited Project Information

Written by Youds Media Ltd · Saturday 11th of June 2024

Youds Media Limited is proud to announce its upcoming projects, details of which are available at youds.dev. These are the projects we are actively underway with development of and are expected to be released in the near future. If you would like to comment on any of these projects, a lot of them do offer the ability to submit a contact form. Further release information will be made on this page.

Get Hosted Online Mirror Service - Now Serving at 10Gbps

Written by Youds Media Ltd · Friday 4th of November 2022

The Get Hosted Online Public Mirror Service is pleased to announce that its services have been upgraded to 10Gbps from 1Gbps. We serve over 100TB of data each month and this change will see much improved speeds. Soon to be released is the next stage of this project which will be to allow people to create mirror services for their projects via the submit facility on Get Hosted Online Public Mirrors Service.

Get Hosted Online Mirror Service


Written by Youds Media Ltd · Tuesday 18th of October 2022

One of the biggest problems facing an IT technician is connectivity to the internet. By using this tool you can identify if the problem is yours or whether the wider web are seeing what you are seeing. Simply type in a URL and it will tell you if the domain is active or not.

DownOrNot Logo

Get Hosted Online Mirror Service

Written by Youds Media Ltd · Friday 17th of December 2022

The public Get Hosted Online Mirror Service supports many open-source projects such as the GNU Project, KDE, Gnome, Ubuntu, CentOS, AlmaLinux, MacPorts, Curl, GIMP, and many more. Youds Media Limited is providing access to its own server in Rothwell, UK and the mirror serves roughly 100TB of data - a month. The mirror was actually started in 2019 however it has now progressed into a fully-fledged reliable source for obtaining software.

Get Hosted Online Mirror Service

Ban The Bots

Written by Youds Media Ltd · Tuesday 27th of July 2021

Firstly, imagine we are one of these bots. They visit a page and click links adhoc then move onto to the next site. Now, imagine a blackhole. This would be a random URL visible only in the website code. On the website, it is not seen anywhere. So who would visit it? Bots not listening to robots.txt of course! Upon visiting the blackhole URL, they are banned from there on in.

Ban The Bots Logo

Website Redevelopment!

Written by Youds Media Ltd · Tuesday 24th of July

For years Youds Media Ltd ran its brand under a different guise, mainly showcasing SEO and web authoring services to interested parties in the local area. Now, we offer to you these service provisions but also are highly focused on a number of other projects which you may like to take a look at as well.

Mainly, Youds Media Ltd has worked for companies under contract i.e. having most of its income come from maintenance contracts and/or redevelopment schemes. If this is your cup of tea; yes we can help, however more and more resources are now being put into maintaining only web presences under differing brand names with a view to further the employee count and put in place revenue sources that deliver financially as well as high performers in search engine results.

Most notably here is Get Hosted Online our next big thing, which we are working towards having being live by January 2019. In order to facilitate this we which to have a reasonable liquid asset in place in order to ensure the viable longevity of the company by which we intend to raise sales for Plugins and Themes and/or other service provision sales; in the meantime.

Most notably here we reference our WHMCS plugins, Web App Library and redevelopment of Space Sci Fi games.

Once released the technology behind gethosted.online is not only supreme but it is one in a million for service provision and we are proud to offer this service out to the UK.